Use a Personalized Candy bar That you Probably Never Would’ve Thought of Before

Some people think that mantra bars euphoria personalized chocolate bars are meant for a very limited list of consumers; but I’m here to prove to you that they can be used for any occasion and any purpose. There’s a purpose for a personalized candy bar all 365 days of the year! Don’t believe me? Read on.The Most Influential American Candy Bars of All Time

That’s right. You can use personalized candy bars to announce your baby’s birth! Actually, this is how OccasionOgraphy first started. Occasionography’s founder, Robert Ramey, wanted to announce the birth of his son with something other than cigars. Back in 1999, he merged the idea of a chocolate bar birth announcement with his already existing magazine company and started Cherubs n’ Chocolate. Now, there are 48 different styles of standard-sized, chocolate bar birth announcements that can each be personalized with your baby’s birth date, weight, length, and name along with information about the proud parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles or Godparents. There are at least 10 layouts that have a special place where you can put your baby’s picture on them! They are a unique way of telling your friends and loved ones about your little bundle of joy!

Most wedding couples like to give their guests a little something to commemorate their special day. What better way to do that than with chocolate? There are numerous wedding-themed wrappers to suit any taste, from formal, to fun and beyond. There are several different flowered wrappers too, that work out beautifully as wedding favors as well. Not to mention the most popular wrapper, Read All about It! It looks just like the headline of a newspaper and is wonderful for announcing weddings or any other occasion! I can match the bride’s theme colors perfectly with the foil pouches that go under the wrappers. There are 8 vibrant colors to choose from and they are the perfect touch for the most important day of your life!

Place Card: Personalized chocolate bars can be used as a table place card for any occasion. Weddings, graduations, banquets, receptions, tea parties, family reunions, holidays, the list goes on and on! You can put your guest’s name and table number on the front of the wrapper and you might have your occasion information on the back with the location, and date and you’re all set! I can match any theme because there are 315 standard-sized wrappers that can be used, and there are over 300 different fonts that you can choose from and can use every color in the rainbow for the fonts. What this means for you is that no matter what the occasion, theme ideas, or colors, there is a theme that will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Trust me, you’re covered!

Did you know that kids LOVE chocolate? One of my friends ordered about 30 candy bars for her daughters’ birthday party. The front of the chocolate bar said “You are invited to Sierra’s birthday party! ” (Name changed for privacy) The back of the bar had the place, date, time and RSVP information along with what foods would be served. Her daughter got to pass out the candy to all of her friends at school and the children thought that they were the coolest birthday party invitations they had ever seen!

Candy wrappers can even be used as a crafty party favor! The kids could put their own candies, stickers, or small toys inside the foil pouches and you can have the wrappers already made with each child’s name on them. Then the children can glue the wrapper around the pouch and take it home with them! You could include a candy bar in a goodie bag to send home with them instead, if it suits your needs; but the craft idea is a great way to occupy and entertain the kids while they’re waiting for the birthday cake! Plus, it’s very simple to do!

This is a specialty of mine. There are 20 business themed wrappers in the Occasionography line that work wonderfully as business cards, but I love to use the blank wrappers and create the cards from scratch. Any company logo, graphic or professional photo looks great on a blank, white wrapper. Your business card can be scanned and put on a wrapper or I can match the font and theme myself to place all of your contact information and color scheme on the front and back to make the most interesting business card that your customers and clients have ever seen! People might come back to see you just to ask for another “chocolate business card. ” It would be a great way to keep in touch with potential clientele!

What a sweet way to tell someone that you appreciate them! Thank you wrappers can be used for personal use as well as business. If you own a retail store, you can have them customized to say “Thank you for your business” and have your business name; address and other information printed on them as well. Then you can set them on a counter for customers to grab on their way out or you can place them in their bag! They can be sent in the mail or be handed to your client face-to-face to thank them for choosing You to do business with. You can put a big smile on someone’s face by giving them a thank you card that also doubles as a snack. You can make them happy on TWO different levels!

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